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Top 5 FAQs

Can I get a discount on the AFH 1 Suite app if I already purchased GOLD or Advisor Plus?

No. Since our apps are sold directly through Apple or Google Play we are unable to offer discounts.

AFH 1 Suite app for Android requires OS 4.0 and up.

AFH 1 Suite app for iOS requires OS 9.0 and up.

Can I get a discount on the new AFH 1 GOLD if I have an older version?

No. With each new release of the The Airman Handbook we take the time to review our entire database, adding new questions and innovations to our software.

For this reason, we sell our products new each testing cycle. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer discounts or upgrades.

Visit the Order Products page to find out more about our latest AFH 1 study guides.

Can I get a discount on 2021 AFH 1 Advisor Plus if I purchased 2019 AFH 1 Advisor Plus?

No. The Air Force issued the AFH 1, The Airman Handbook, effective 1 October 2021 and we have released all new study guides to reflect the new 2021-2023 study material.

Visit the Order Products page to find out more about our latest AFH 1 study guides.

I receive the error "The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged..."

Generally this error message is related to McAfee Antivirus blocking the installation of our program. If you are running McAfee, temporarily turn OFF "Real-Time Scanning" and try running our software installation again.

NOTE: Simply disabling McAfee from the task bar is not sufficient.

If your McAfee is expired or you do not intend to use McAfee, you must completely uninstall McAfee and then restart your computer.

If this solution doesn't work or you are not using McAfee, please contact Technical Support.

I receive the error "Adobe Air.framework is damaged and can't be opened." when trying to install on my Mac.

Check out this helpful Tech Support article.

If you're still having trouble, please contact Technical Support.

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