NCO E-5/E-6 (2021) Active Duty – For Promotion to SSgt and TSgt

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2021 AFH 1 GOLD for NCOs

If you’re looking for the bestselling AFH 1 study guide that helps thousands earn promotion, look no further. Airmen just like you testify that AFH 1 GOLD works wonders!

Our feature-packed software boasts thousands of questions and four unique study modes to help you cover AFH 1, The Airman Handbook, from start to finish. That’s more content than any other study guide on the market! Don’t take chances on your next stripe — rely on AFH 1 GOLD (formerly PDG GOLD) to help you be ready for test day.

“Thanks to PDG GOLD, I made the top 99% on my PFE. A shoe-in for SSgt in one of the lowest promotion rates in 16 years. Thanks, PDG GOLD!!!!”

-D.C., Scott AFB, IL

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Advisor Plus

  • Sign in and study online anywhere (internet connection required).
  • Rely on our proven 3-Step Study System.
  • Focus your studies with rank-specific design.
  • Study AFH 1 sections by ADTC depth of knowledge level.
  • Know where you stand with statistics that compare your progress to other Airmen.
  • Pick up where you left off as you switch between computers and mobile devices.
  • Get new features instantly.
  • Retake or review exams to improve your score.
  • Break your studies down to the topic level.


  • Study offline with your desktop or laptop computer.
  • Rely on our proven 3-Step Study System.
  • Use the widest variety of study games.
  • Measure your progress with a comprehensive overview.
  • Highlight key points and phrases.
  • Retake or review exams to improve your score.
  • Cover material by chapter or section.


  • Study offline with your tablet or smartphone.
  • Rely on our proven 3-Step Study System.
  • Use a clean, simple layout.
  • Cover material by chapter or section.
  • 450 MB free space
  • 2GB of RAM
  • Windows©:
    • - 7 or higher
    • - 2.33 GHz or faster x86-compatible processor or Intel® Atom™ 1.6 GHz processor for netbooks
  • Mac©:
    • - OS® X v10.15 or higher
    • - Intel Core™ Duo Processor 1.83 GHz or faster

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Please be sure to read this EULA carefully, as well as AFI 36-2605, Air Force Military Personnel Testing System, which states that sharing marked or unmarked commercial study guides constitutes a test compromise.


You are required to have a valid license for the software. Each valid license includes the ability to install on two concurrent machines that are both owned and operated by you. This clause intends to cover the Desktop and Laptop for a single User, not to be installed on multiple machines shared by users who inappropriately use the same serial number.

Multiple OS installations on a single machine must also be activated per install and each must have its own License and valid serial number — even if the machine has the same name and uses the same network cards.


WARNING: If a License is found to have been activated frequently, or from multiple IP addresses, the License may be revoked, and the software invalidated, at the sole discretion of McMillan Study Guides, Inc.

McM GOLD Studyware should be uninstalled from machines to complete the deactivation of the License on that machine. The software can then be installed and activated on a different machine, under the conditions of the EULA.



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  • Sublicense, rent or lease any portion of the software and/or serial number.
  • Install this software on a network for use on multiple computers.
  • Violate any other laws that may apply.
  • Rank-Specific Design: Select your rank — GOLD focuses only on what’s testable for you.
  • ReviewNotes: Get an overview of the key points of the AFH 1.
  • Single-Answer: Reinforce the correct information with flashcard-style Q&As.
  • Multiple-Choice: Practice with questions similar to those on your promotion exam.
  • Final Exams: Simulate your promotion test with a practice exam of 25, 50 or 100 questions.
  • Games: Learn in an engaging way with eight fun study games.
  • AFH 1 Library: Read AFH 1 as a great first step toward preparing for your exam.
  • ADTC: Use the ADTC depth of knowledge level of each AFH 1 section to focus your study plan.
  • Study by Section: Choose any AFH 1 section — a popular customer request.
  • Tools: Add notes and flag questions for review.
  • Options: Target your study session with filters like correct/incorrect and seen/unseen.
  • Retake Exams: Improve your old test scores by trying again.
  • Resume: Pick up a study session right where you left off.
  • AFH 1 References: Look up the original AFH 1 content with paragraph citations.
  • Overview: Assess all of your study progress from one central location.
  • McMillan Game Center: Take a breather with our addictive break and trivia games.
  • Cross-Platform: Install on two computers at a time — Mac or PC.
  • My McMillan: Find your serial number and download a software backup with ease.
  • Instant Access: AFH 1 GOLD is downloadable software. Your download will be available right after checkout.
  • Free Tech Support: Count on free, timely tech support and friendly customer care.