NCO (2019-2021) Active Duty – For Promotion to TSgt

AFH 1 Advisor
For Promotion to TSgt

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2019 AFH 1 Advisor for Promotion to TSgt

Get ready to study smarter with AFH 1 Advisor! This incredible online study guide helps you focus on the sections of AFH 1, The Airman Handbook, that you need to understand the most.

AFH 1 Advisor (formerly PDG Advisor) uses the Airman Development and Testing Chart (ADTC) to prioritize the material in your study plan. That means you review only the sections testable for your rank, in order of how well you’re expected to know them.

As you progress, AFH 1 Advisor tracks your work, allows you to adjust your personalized study plan and compares your scores against other Airmen in your AFSC. Plus, it’s convenient to use. Just sign in on your favorite internet-connected device to study thousands of questions anywhere, at any time, with no app or installation required. Don’t worry — AFH 1 Advisor remembers what you’ve already covered.

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  • Sign in and study online anywhere (internet connection required).
  • Rely on our proven 3-Step Study System.
  • Focus your studies with rank-specific design.
  • Study AFH 1 sections by ADTC depth of knowledge level.
  • Know where you stand with reports that compare your progress to other Airmen.
  • Track your progress visually with maps and graphs.
  • Personalize your custom study plan.
  • Pick up where you left off as you switch between computers and mobile devices.
  • Get new features instantly.


  • Study offline with your desktop or laptop computer.
  • Rely on our proven 3-Step Study System.
  • Use the widest variety of study games.
  • Measure your progress with a comprehensive overview.
  • Highlight key points and phrases.
  • Retake or review exams to improve your score.
  • Cover material by chapter or section.


  • Study offline with your tablet or smartphone.
  • Rely on our proven 3-Step Study System.
  • Use a clean, simple layout.
  • Cover material by chapter or section.
  • Broadband internet connection
  • Mobile device OS
    • - iOS 7 or higher
    • - Android 2.3 or higher (Android 4.0 or higher recommended)
  • Internet browser — any one of the following with JavaScript enabled:
    • - Internet Explorer 11 or higher
    • - Chrome
    • - Safari
    • - Firefox
NOTE: While Advisor may work on other browsers, we recommend using one of the above browsers to get all of Advisor's features. Advisor does not support any version of the Opera browser.

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  • Rank-Specific Design: Select your rank — Advisor focuses only on what's testable for you.
  • ReviewNotes:Get an overview of the key points of the 2019 AFH 1.
  • Single-Answer:Reinforce the correct information with flashcard-style Q&As.
  • Multiple-Choice:Practice with questions similar to those on your promotion exam.
  • Final Exams:Simulate your promotion test with a practice exam of 25, 50 or 100 questions.
  • Games:Learn in an engaging way with our fun study games.
  • AFH 1 Library: Read AFH 1 as a great first step toward preparing for your exam.
  • ADTC Focused:Prioritize AFH 1 sections by ADTC depth of knowledge level for your rank.
  • Guided Study:Tackle the most test-critical sections first with “Our Suggestions.”
  • Peer Comparison:Know where you stand with statistics and reports that compare your progress to other Airmen.
  • Mobile Compatible:Get all Advisor’s features and functionality on most mobile devices.
  • Personalized Design:Customize your study plan with your test date, reading speed, favorite study modes and more.
  • Online Access:Pick up where you left off — study anywhere on your internet-connected device.
  • Study by Section:Choose any AFH 1 section — a popular customer request.
  • AFH 1 References: Look up the original AFH 1 content with paragraph citations.
  • New Features Instantly:Stay up-to-date with instantly added features and corrections.
  • Unlimited Devices:No app, no installation, no activation limit. Switch between as many computers and devices as you like.
  • Master Plan Map:Track your progress visually through AFH 1 sections.
  • Study Planner:Calculate how much material you can cover before test day.
  • Baseline Exams:Chart your progress throughout your study plan and compare your score to your peers.

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