I used PDG GOLD last time I tested for promotion and passed with flying colors, so I will be purchasing again.
Just wanted you guys to know that I made Master Sergeant this year and I used PDG GOLD, as usual, and was in the top 10% across the board for PDG. I truly believe in this program and recommend it to everyone I know who tests. I made Tech the first time using this product as well.
D.B., Omaha, NE
I wanted to also thank McMillan, like everyone else on here, and say when I actually decided to study for promotion, McMillan was there for me. I scored the highest I ever have on the PDG portion of my test, 81, and blew my AFSC's average out the water, 25 above average. Now that Master is looming around the corner, I plan on studying and making it first time. Let's hope for two stripes in a row with McMillan's help. Preach to your Airmen the value of studying the CORRECT information and not spending countless hours just reading through the AFH 1. MKTS is key! And McMillan helps simplify that! (AFH 1 GOLD and AFH 1 Advisor)
P.C., San Antonio, TX

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