Please believe me when I tell you that you don't need anything else as far as the PDG. I literally took 8 days of leave and studied nothing but PDG GOLD. I studied maybe 5 hours every day just going over what they summarized and I scored an 83 on my test. Happily, I must say, I sewed on SSgt last November. I'm not book smart at all so this was my last effort and it paid off. If you're like me (not smart) it's for you. Good luck to whoever is testing this next cycle.
M.H., Grand Forks, ND
I purchased PDG GOLD when I tested three years ago and I blew the test out of the water.
D.W., Seaside, CA
I was given the option to convert my PDG GOLD to the online PDG Advisor, after I failed to make TSgt second time testing. That was one smart decision! PDG Advisor streamlined my study plan and helped me focus on topics with the most weight with the integrated MKTS survey results. Never thought I'd score THAT high on my PFE. Third time's definitely the charm with PDG Advisor.

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