I have consistently used your products over my 16-year Air Force career. I was recently selected for promotion to CMSgt. Your products are deeply rooted in my success. (PDG GOLD for SNCOs)
S.A., Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
Your software got me promoted to SSgt, TSgt, and MSgt! Hope it helps this time as well! (PDG GOLD for SNCOs)
R.F., Hill AFB, UT
I'm sure after every major promotion release y'all are inundated with emails about results - good or bad. This is one for the pile, but I just wanted to say, "Thank you." I used PDG Advisor this year and was the #1 selectee for my AFSC for E-6. No one in my AFSC scored higher than me according to my results sheet. I got an 85 on the PFE, up from a 60 last year. I will absolutely be purchasing the SNCO version soon. Thanks again!

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