Thank you for your product. This is the first year I have used it to study for promotion. I scored a 77.77 on the PFE, which was 96.08% higher than everyone in my career field. Best money I have ever spent. I would recommend your product to everyone testing! And thanks to you, I am a TSgt Select! I will be purchasing again when I study for MSgt. Your products are awesome! (PDG Advisor and PDG Made Easy! AudioBook)
J.L., Clarksville, TN
These Arcade games are a great addition to PDG study. The games do give a great break during study and they motivate you to get the answers correct in order to advance to the next level.
H.B., Surprise, AZ
I got an 85 PFE and 82 SKT for Master this year using Mcmillan!
J. L., Facebook

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