Great product. I improved my score by 12 points and made SMSgt this year. (PDG Advisor for SNCO)
D.W., Langley, VA
I made Staff the first time because I bought the PFE GOLD and studied. I tested for Tech last year for the first time, and did not purchase any McMillan study guides. Of course DID NOT make it ... When we have games and the chapters are broken down for us, it makes studying not only more exciting, but more manageable with your everyday life. When I am sitting down in the evenings I can play a game while playing with my kids! It is great! I just hope I am studying enough! Thank you and I will let you all know this June if I make Tech!
T.G., Fairchild AFB, WA
I just made MSgt on Oct 11th and I used Master Your CDC and PDG GOLD. I swear those are the best programs to use for studying, well at least for me they are. Thank you for making these products.
J.T., Dover, DE

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