I just wanted to drop your company a short message and say thank you for the Air Force study guides. My background in academics has always been just at the "C" level throughout high school and college. And as you may know, that just does not cut it when testing for promotion, that was until about 10 years ago when I started using McMillan study guides. In those short 10 years, I was able to succeed well beyond my expectations thanks to PDG GOLD and the Single-Answer and Multiple-Choice book. It is my belief that because I used those products, it assisted and drove me to make my next rank which I was able to sew on yesterday. Every chance I get when talking to the younger troops, I push your products. I let them know that without your products, I would not be where I am today and they should invest in their future by investing in your product. THANK YOU again!!!
Thank you for the excellent product. I just got my line number for MSgt!! (PDG GOLD)
G.O., Tampa, FL
This is a great product. I used it to get promoted to TSgt; hopefully, it can do the same for me in my pursuit to become a MSgt. (PDG GOLD)
S.C., Fort Meade, MD

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