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I have used your products since I was a SrA. I am now testing for Chief! Keep up the great work! I have recommended your guides and software to everyone who has come to me asking how they can get promoted. (PDG GOLD for SNCOs)
I've only just switched to PDG Advisor and would like to express how much I like it. I am very pleased and impressed by the "suggestions" portion. It's extremely helpful and easy to use! I am VERY GLAD I made the switch!!
M.W., Las Vegas, NV
I bought (a competitor's) software for SNCOs and it was poorly written and very complicated to install. Their customer service frustrated me, too. I asked around and everyone said McMillan has the best customer service and that your products are much more user-friendly. I'm heading to my local MCSS to buy your PDG GOLD for SNCOs!
H.D., Great Falls, MT

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