Did you hear? Airmen promoting to MSgt, SMSgt and CMSgt will no longer be required to test for promotion.
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Great products! I have used them since I was SrA and now I'm Chief select. I read each chapter first, then I used the study guides (ReviewNotes, Single-Answers, Multiple-Choice and then I listened to the audio while I slept). I would not move forward until I scored at least a 90 on each test. Then I would add the next chapter and so on. Disclaimer: This is how I studied, and everyone is different. Bottom line: you have to dedicate time for the results you want.
F.C., Alexandria, VA
I am a year out still from testing for Tech, but no time is better to study than the present! And with McMillan I know that I will do very well. Thanks again! (PDG GOLD)
C.M., California City, CA
So I found out on Wednesday that I was selected for MSgt during this 16E7 cycle! I was elated, to say the least. It only took me 2 times to make MSgt. I blew the PFE test out of the water, and I have PDG GOLD to thank for that. Also, PDG GOLD helped me out with the 12E6 cycle. Thanks, McMillan!
M.W., Bossier City, LA

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