I'll be excitedly waiting to receive your newest study guides as I'll be one of the first to test for SMSgt. You helped me earn my last two stripes! (PDG GOLD for SNCOs)
C.D., Sumter, SC
Welp, I made it by 47 points my first try. I was the 5th selectee in my AFSC (scoring an 86 on the PFE and 76 on the SKT) and I used all of McMillan's products. 3-year SSgt!
S.B., JBSA Lackland, TX
I used PDG Advisor and CDC Advisor, and made Staff my first time around!! I blew the test out of the water, making the cutoff by 10 points! Thanks for such awesome products!!
L.D., Altus AFB, OK

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