Did you hear? Airmen promoting to MSgt, SMSgt and CMSgt will no longer be required to test for promotion.


I appreciate your great products you have produced over the years... and it only gets better!
J.H., Las Vegas, NV
I really like the new features of PDG Advisor vs. PDG GOLD. First, I like how you can access it from any computer/device without a CD-ROM, so I can study at work during my lunch hour. Second, I like the study planner. I seem to absorb more information by studying a section at a time vs. an entire chapter. The order of studying is perfect. Going from the ReviewNotes, to the flashcards, to the games then multiple choice - it's GENIUS!! I know that this time I will make MSgt. I recommend PDG Advisor to anyone. It's perfect.
J.B., Moody AFB, GA
I really enjoy using your product - it makes studying for promotion much more tolerable. (USAFSE GOLD)
B.W., Tucson, AZ

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