"Adobe AIR.framework" is damaged and can't be opened

The Issue: User receives an error message when installing Adobe Air on the new Mac operating system Catalina (v10.15).

The Solution:

Enter a command at the frameworks folder that removes a quarantine bit to allow the installation of Adobe Air.

1. Select Go in menu bar
2. Click Go to Folder

3. Type or copy/paste this: /Library/Frameworks

4. Right-click or Control+click on the Frameworks folder
Important: Control+click on the "Frameworks" folder and not the "Adobe AIR.framework" folder. We have found it helps to change your Finder view to display in columns.

5. Click on "New Terminal at Folder"

6. In the terminal window, type or copy/paste the following exactly (including quotations) after the $ and then hit Return/Enter: sudo xattr -d com.apple.quarantine "Adobe AIR.framework"

7. Enter your computer password and hit Return/Enter. Please note: Your password may be invisible as you type it.

You should now be able to install Adobe Air and then AFH 1 GOLD and/or CDC GOLD.