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2011 PDG Made Easy! for NCOs $14.99
2011 PDG Made Easy! for NCOs
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Prepare for success on your promotion test with PDG Made Easy!, a fun, on-the-go study solution for enlisted Air Force members. Flip through our animated ReviewNotes to absorb a condensed version of the PDG's key points.

Study at your own pace with a powerhouse of information at your fingertips. Simple and straightforward, PDG Made Easy! focuses your studies, reinforces the correct information and makes the PFE a breeze!

PDG Made Easy! app features:

  • Rely on more than 2,500 ReviewNotes.
  • Target your study session with seen, unseen or all ReviewNotes.
  • Flip through the pages with familiar swipe gestures.
  • Tap acronyms to view definitions.
  • Change font style and size.
  • Select portrait or landscape view.

Not sure if you can run our apps? Click here for a full list of compatible devices, including the Kindle® Fire. Please note that our apps do not run on any NOOK® devices.

Looking for an all-in-one study app? PDG Suite combines all our Android apps and adds a new option to study Multiple-Choice Questions by chapter. It's a Suite Android deal!

Minimum Requirements view

  • Initial activation requires Internet connection
  • Android OS 2.2 or higher
  • ARMv7 processor or higher
  • 16.7 MB free space
  • 256MB of RAM
  • SD card (required by some devices for web downloads)
  • Android web browser