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Last Updated 30 March 2017

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Now the ALS and NCOA courses you study in CDC GOLD or CDC Advisor include rationales for most multiple-choice questions! If you own 00003A-2016, 00003B-2016, 00015A-2016 or 00015B-2016, you won’t just know whether your answer is correct — you’ll know why. Happy studying!

All New Features — All New Design

Our bestselling CDC study software just got a facelift and tons of fresh features! Pick up CDC GOLD 6.0 for great new options like a comprehensive visual overview, the ability to review or retake exams and a completely redesigned TestMaker.

Do you already own CDC GOLD 5.1? Great news — we gave you CDC GOLD 6.0 for free! Just sign in to your My McMillan account to download it.

By the Book

The Air Force is no longer issuing hard copies of AFH 1, The Airman Handbook — but we think they're indispensable. Get your copy from us.

Psst. Did You Hear?

Our 2015 PDG AudioBooks are coming to headphones near you! For the first time ever, listen to our professional readers perform a word-for-word reading of The Airman Handbook. Or, master the same material in less than half the time with PDG Made Easy!, our condensed version! Both include MKTS integration and one-click downloads to make studying a breeze!

Save 30% – Bundle Up

Looking for two great ways to study the AFH 1, The Airman Handbook? Save 30% on both 2015 PDG GOLD and 2015 PDG Advisor with our Bundle Up discount for NCOs or SNCOs.

By popular request, now you can bundle our CDC study guides, too. Get 30% off CDC GOLD 6.0 and CDC Advisor when you purchase them together. You asked for it — you got it!

It's So Easy

Finding and purchasing your CDCs and ALS/NCOA courses is simpler than ever — from start to finish!

Our innovative new CDC Central redesign streamlines the way you search courses, make purchases and sign up for notifications. Take a look to see if we have your CDCs available. It's never been easier!


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